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Marco Fischer           freelance graphic designer            biologist /   |    bayreuther str. 9 - 91054 erlangen, germany   |    tel +49.9131.815785     |     mobile +49.160.97560402   |    e-mail:

Foto: - Jenzig71


How many megapixels form the eye of a dragonfly? And what does an eco-designer do, anyway?

As a designer I combine good looks with good ideas. As a scientist I make complex matters comprehensible. As an eco-designer I disentangle terminology brushwood and ablate cliché crusts in order to make the beauty of the world beyond speak for itself – through images and stories for people who don't want to miss the occasional laugh. My work focuses thematically on:

Nature conservation

education for sustainable development

science and Technology

politics and Society

Just send me your request via e-mail or call: +49.9131.815785.

Gestern am See
Foto: - aussi97

range of services

Workflow coverage from A to Z ...

I prefer to see projects through their entire life cycles, from inception through to production, especially when creative design is closely interwoven with the content. My range of services include:

conception of Advertising, Info & education Media and campaigns

Design of Exhibitions & Guidance systems

Graphic design & layout print

Vector illustration, artwork, Visualization, information graphics

IMAGE CORRECTION, image composition

Corporate design, logo, ci

 informational Maps,, City Plans (print & online)

web design

Flash development, animation

social media

editorial, Text



... in a friendly atmosphere, together with reliable partners and using ecologically correct equipment and materials. I also work gladly on-site and/or in-house, when preferable. See examples of my work on my REFERENCES page and in my PDF Portfolio.

Leichte Kost
Foto: - wickelbär



  Bund Naturschutz in Bayern   Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland Christliche Initiative Romero  Clean Clothes Campaign   Clean Clotzes Campaign   Welttierschutzgesellschaft
 Tiergarten Nürnberg  Landschaftspflegeverband Mittelfranken  Naturschutzzentrum Wengleinpark    Centro de Educación Ambiental   Herzpraxis Nürnberg
Umweltbildungszentrum Oberschleichach APC-AG     Nürnberger Schule  Stadt Fürth  Ökozentrum Fürth   Jugendfarm Erlangen


please download MY PDF PORTFOLIO – A regional menu with a tropical dessert

please visit online:

  web design  

as a freelancer:

Erlangen against TTIP

Herzpraxis Nürnberg (cardiologist)

DJG (German-yemenite society)

Die Waldpädagogin (Environmental Education)

Jugendfarm Erlangen (Social children/youth project)

Projekt albsalamander (Scientific project about fire salamanders)

treffpunkt umweltbildung (environmental education platform in the city of erlangen)

Ökozentrum Fürth (environmental education platform in the city of fÜrth)

Hutangerprojekt (environmental protection and regional marketing project)

  flash development  

education pages electricity - 7th -8th grade - 4 Flash Modules, N-ERGIE Nürnberg

GRAFISCHER.COM - Flash web site 2003


  see online portfolio: GRAFISCHER | photocase

So fing alles an II*
Foto: - xxxxcesxxxx

vita / qualifications

Some patchwork based groundings

In three lines: Academic studies of physics and biology (diploma 1998). Ten years of work as a designer in advertising and communication agencies. Intermittent participation in international environmental education and conservation projects. Working as a freelance "eco-designer" since 2008.

 science, conservation and environmental education  

1991-1998: academic studies of physics ans biology; biology diploma in 1998

1994-2008: intermittent participation in international conservation projects:

               >     Profelis Wild Cat Center, Costa Rica

               >     Archelon, Sea Turtle Protection Society (STPS) of Greece, crete

               >     FundaciÓn Curiquingue, Ecuador

since 1999: Naturschutzzentrum Wengleinpark e.V., environmental education and public relations

since 2002: training and freelance work on the field of environmental education

2008-2009: advanced training course: education for sustainable development

sINCE 2010:Jugendfarm Erlangen: environmental education in a social project for children/young p.

 advertising, Graphics and Design   

1998-1999: BDP, professional training institute, Bamberg: advanced training course Graphic Design

1999: BDP, work as an instructor for Multimedia Design

2000-2001:Spirit Link, new media agency, Erlangen: employment as a Web Designer

2001-2003:forarea, intercultural communikation network: employment as a Multimedia Designer

2003-2008:ercas, Full-Service advertising agency, Erlangen: employment as a Graphik designer

since 2000:freelance Web design on the sideline

since 2008:Freelance eco-designer;


1970-today: extended adolescence in franconia


contact and imprint

© 2010; This website is maintained by

Marco Fischer,
freelance Graphic designer,
biologist, environmental educationist

Bayreuther Str. 9
91054 Erlangen

USt-IDNr.: DE229265627 Ė Finanzamt Erlangen, germany

legal disclaimer:

The information on this website is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. In no event shall i be liable to any person for any special, indirect or consequential damages relating to this material, unless caused by gross negligence or intentional misconduct. i am not responsible for the contents of websites that are maintained by third parties and therefore waive my liability for any links from this website to other websites.

Data protection:

No personal data will be collected or stored during visiting my web site.

photography credits:

TOP: photo "Abhängen", - nanduu,
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eco-design: photo "Frontal", - Jenzig71
range of services: photo "Gestern am See", - aussi97
references: photo "Leichte Kost", - wickelbär
qualifications: photo "So fing alles an II*", - xxxxcesxxxx
imprint: photo "Hauhechelbläuling": marco fischer

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